Quiet Moment Radio


Hello Friends and Supporters,


We are back on the air after a very long sabbatical. Thanks to all who have asked when we will be back on the air, well that day has arrived!


As you navigate our new website you’ll notice a few features:


*  We now have a “Preach It” on-demand feature where you can search and listen to any sermon at your convenience. We are still uploading sermons so you’ll have many from which to choose.


*  You can request any song you’ve heard on QMR (Quiet Moment Radio).  You can also request songs not in our play list and if it’s available online we will play it.


*  There’s power in the Word of God, so take note of our Bible verse for the day.


*  Finally, Quiet Moment has a number of video productions we would like to share with you and pray you will be encouraged by viewing them.


The music chosen for Quiet Moment Radio are selections I’ve enjoyed all my life. Yes, most of them are what we would call “old school”, but they are so spiritual and the messages are still relevant today.


You will notice Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir music is played often. I find their music uplifting and inspirational. Sung by ordinary people – former drug dealers, prostitutes, homeless and yes, some educated and business people, they represent people from every walk of life.  This is what Christianity should look like. This is what Heaven will look like – people from every ethnic group and background praising God with all their hearts. This is what QMR is all about – praising God in song.


Thanks for coming back to QMR. We pray you’ll receive a rich blessing as you listen to these songs of hope for a troubled world.


Ray Young


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